Our Mission at Skin RnR is to create and produce vegan, all natural skincare and nutritional products
to help heal your skin so you can show off your natural beauty from the
Inside Out and Outside In!




JenniferHow our skincare line came to be:

Hi, I’m Jennifer, creator of Skin RnR™ Skincare and Nutritional products.  At Skin RnR we truly provide more than skincare – we promote skin health.

I’m often asked why I created this line of skincare and the honest answer is, it came out of a personal need. As a teenager, I had suffered from acne which continued right up into adulthood.  I used to have bangs to cover the acne on my forehead and would try to cover the acne with make-up too. This wasn’t clearing up the acne, it was only covering it.  I then decided to study to become a medical aesthetician and sadly, throughout my training, I still had the acne.

I truly wondered “How can I work on clients providing skincare when my own skin doesn’t look healthy?”  This is when I set out to create my own line of natural skincare.  From the time I first created the product line, I knew I had to infuse it with love.  Just as you can tell when a meal has been prepared with love, I believe you can also tell when a product has been made with love. Each time I make a batch of products I have beautiful music playing, there are crystals in the room, I make sure I’m in a positive frame of mind, and I ask that the product be filled with love so it can work how the client needs it.

When I started to use my own products, my skin cleared up!  As I began selling my skincare line, I found myself educating my clients on the importance of proper nutrition too. After all, you are what you eat. This inspired me to create a vegan nutritional product made of flash-frozen and powdered organic fruits and veggies specifically chosen for their benefits to the skin. The best part was when people started using the skincare and nutritional products together. It’s natural beauty from the inside out and outside in!

My greatest joy is when our beautiful clients tell us how our products are helping their skin!





Hello. I’m Dagmar, once a raving customer and now CFO of Skin RnR. I was a very satisfied customer of Jennifer’s skincare before I joined the company. I had been vegetarian for 12 years and then became vegan is 2013. Being able to provide our clients with vegan products is very important to me as veganism is my lifestyle choice. We often joke that our skincare products are so natural, you could eat them if you wanted to, it just wouldn’t taste good.

One product that you can eat without concern is the Nutritional Skin RnR™ which is made of 11 organic fruits and veggies flash frozen and pulverized to a powder format to add to your favourite drink or other recipes. We have lots of fun testing different recipes and promise each and every time you come to our studio you’ll leave with a smile on your face!



We provide more than skincare…

We promote skin health!