Here’s what our clients say about our products

“I have been using SkinRnR’s Replenish organic powder for almost a year. The first thing I noticed were the spots on my face from sun damage started to fade…About 6 weeks ago I (added) Revitalize Night Cream and Radiance Day Cream. These products, combined with Replenish, accelerated the fading of the spots in only these few weeks…”

Jennifer Walton, Holland Landing, ON

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“I have been using SkinRnR skincare for almost a year now, and my rosacea has completely cleared up! Before I started using SkinRnR’s line of face creams, I had constant rosacea that would get worse during the winter months. I had tried several high-profile, hypo-allergenic facial creams over the years and none of them worked…”

Diana Vespi, Innisfil, Ontario

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“One thing I’ve noticed since using your products is a couple of years ago I had a cancer sore removed from my nose. It always looked like new skin that never healed. Now it’s looking healed and looks like the rest of my nose. Awesome!”

Henriette,  BC

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“Part of having a more holistic lifestyle is caring about the products I put on my skin. I went on a hunt to find the most organic and natural products out there. But, nothing worked or the products smelled terrible or cost a small fortune. SkinRnR’s products are reasonably priced, they smell fresh, and the price point is awesome for what you get in the ingredients.”

Betty Fleming, Aurora, ON

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“I have been using Radiance Day Cream, Revitalize Night Cream, and the Renew Cleanser for almost a year now and consistently receive compliments on my great skin. The added bonus is that I know the products are healthy and that if I was starving, I could even eat them! My daughter has also tried the Renew Cleanser, Fresh Toner and Clear Cream. It is amazing how quickly these products clear up young skin and prevent further breakouts. Plus, the products smell great and are fun to use.”

Frances Ann Mullally, Aurora, ONGreen line

“This past year I have been using Revitalize Night Cream as part of my daily skin care routine, along with some of SkinRnR’s other products. It was this winter that I realized that the rosacea on my face, that I had suffered with for many years, had completely disappeared and has not returned since!”

Joan Gardner, Aurora, ON

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“I tried countless over the counter and prescription creams – nothing helped my son’s severe eczema. I started looking into natural products, but they all contained almond oil and my son has a tree nut allergy…I put Clear Cream on my son’s worst patch of eczema, which was red, swollen and cracking. The next morning his skin was already 50% better…I put Clear Cream on every other patch he had and after just those two applications he was clear. With winter coming I know myself and my other son will have no problems with our own eczema…”

Krystle Murray, Newmarket, ON


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“Using Radiance Day Cream and Revitalize Night Creams has improved my skin dramatically. I prefer to use all natural products and I have very sensitive skin, which easily reddens and becomes blotchy. Since the first day of using the creams, my skin has been totally ‘blotch free’ and felt more hydrated. The additional bonus is knowing that all ingredients are the best quality.”

Lindsay de Swart, Holland Landing, ON

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“I started using SkinRnR’s Radiance cream on my face a couple of years ago on the recommendation of my friend, a gifted healer and wise woman. I had rosacea for some time but now it is gone. I use the cream after shaving and have no more facial redness, winter or summer.”

David Lightwood, King City, ON

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“I am absolutely delighted with the Radiance Day Cream and Revitalize Night Creams they do exactly what it says on the label! The creams have a lovely, light texture, are rapidly absorbed into the skin and leave it feeling soft, moisturized and very comfortable. I have seen a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin on my face and neck. It also smells divine!”

Pat de Swart, Norfolk, England


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“I had an allergy causing an outbreak around my eyes and lips and it spread down my neck. I started using the Clear Cream and my skin felt better right away. The next day the allergic reaction was gone. There was no more itchiness and the burning sensation was completely relieved.”

Irina Leslie, Aurora, ON

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“I wanted to tell you that after only 6 days the rash on my face is better with the Clear Cream and my skin feels so soft with the Revitalize Night Cream!”

Janet Shore, Aurora, ON


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